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Inks & Refills

 Our Price
Ballpen M16 – Black, Blue, Red or Green Medium; Black or Blue Fine; Black Blue or Red Broad     $12.99  
Ballpen M22 for Pico/Scribble – Black or Blue Medium, Fine or Broad$8.50
Multi-pen M21 ballpen refill – Black, Red, Blue or Green$8.99 for 2-pack
Multi-pen M55 highlighter refill$4.99 (MOQ 5)
Multi-pen M70 Data Stylus$4.25 (MOQ 5)
Rollerball M63 refills – Black, Blue, Red or Green


Rollerball M66 refill for Swift/Tipo – Black, Blue, Red or Green $9.99
Pencil leads – 0.5 or 0.7 HB (12 leads in pkt), 3.15mm 4B (3 leads in pkt)$6.99
Ink cartridges T10 (pkt of 5) – Black, Red, Green, Blue, Turquoise, Violet, Blue-Black$5.99
Bottled ink T52 (50ml) - Black, Red, Green, Blue, Turquoise, Blue-Black$19.99
NEW Bottled ink T53 - Obsidian (Deep Black), Rhodinite (Pink), Peridot (Dark Green), Topaz (Brown), Agate (Grey), Bentoite (Blue-Black), Beryl (Lilac), Ruby (Red), Amazonite (Ocean Blue), Azurite (Deep Blue)$24.99
Fountain pen convertor for Safari/Al-Star$9.99
Fountain pen convertor for other models$10.50
Fountain pen nib Z26 for Safari/Al-Star/Logo/Studio/Scala - M, F, Xtra F, B or Left Handed$25

All prices listed on this page are recommended NZ $ retail prices so if you spend more than our $50 minimum order value on inks/refills, Europens will discount that by 10 per cent.

*All Prices are in $NZ Dollars and include GST