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Waterman Design Waterman Expert Design

Waterman Expert

When you want a job done right, you call in an expert. This ideal pen for everyday needs has a heft which makes it a popular choice for the masculine hand.


Steel with Chrome or Gold trim

 Our Price
Fountain Pen (gold trim)$210
Rollerball (gold trim or chrome trim)$180
Ballpen (chrome or gold trim)$170

Steel/GT Fountain pen Steel/GT Fountain pen

Steel/CT Rollerball Steel/CT Rollerball

Steel/GT Ballpen Steel/GT Ballpen

Matte Black/Chrome trim


 Our Price
Matte Black/Chrome BP Matte Black/Chrome BP

Lacque Black/Gold or Chrome trim

 Our Price
Fountain pen (gold trim)$280
Rollerball (gold trim)$200
Ballpen (chrome trim)$190
Ballpen (gold trim)$190


Black lacquer/GT Fountain pen Black lacquer/GT Fountain pen

Black lacquer/GT Rollerball Black lacquer/GT Rollerball

Black lacquer/CT Ballpen Black lacquer/CT Ballpen

*All Prices are in $NZ Dollars and include GST