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Many common problems with your writing instruments are easily fixed.  For example, flushing your fountain pen with water can clear out old ink that causes leaks or blocks the flow (read on for our best maintenance tips).

Pencils often falter because a lead has jammed in the barrel tip, or the wrong diameter leads have been fitted.

But if it seems there is no quick fix for your writing instrument, Europens offers a repair service for brands sold by Europens (a $5 repair handling fee applies if covered by warranty).

Warranty Repairs

If your pen is still covered by warranty or is less than about 20 years old, it should probably go to the manufacturer’s local agent.  This can be done through any retailer selling that brand (Parker, Waterman, Lamy, Faber-Castell, Cross, Sheaffer and Montblanc all have agents in Australasia).

Please include any proof of purchase you might have. This is increasingly required even for pens formerly covered by a lifetime warranty such as Parker or Waterman.

If Europens handles your repair, we will always request a quote before any non-warranty work so you don’t have any unexpected surprises.  Non-warranty costs are rising as more pen repairs are being handled in Australia or even further afield.

Vintage Repairs SUSPENDED

Sorry Europens no longer has the capacity to carry out in-house vintage fountain pen repairs.

Please email us first if you want to check whether Europens can help – advice is free.

When sending pen repairs to Europens, please include your name, daytime phone number , any Email address and a description of the problem if it is not obvious.

Europens - 37 Springfield Rd, Morningside, Auckland 1022

Tips to Keep Your Fountain Pen Writing Smoothly

  • Regular flushing with cold or tepid water is the best way to keep your fountain pen writing smoothly.  Try to do this every few weeks or whenever you change ink colour.
  • Never use hot water, alcohol or solvents as these can damage the feed or other pen parts.
  • If your pen uses a cartridge or convertor, you can soak the nib unit in a glass of cold water overnight before flushing the pen by filling and emptying it with cold water until the water runs clear.
  • Dry the pen carefully, especially around the face where the nib joins the barrel as this is where ink often accumulates.  If your fountain pen has been leaking, also clean inside the cap with another twisted piece of absorbent paper or soft cloth.
  • If you don’t plan to use your pen for a prolonged period of time, empty and wash it out before storing it away.
  • Avoid writing on chemically treated paper, which usually has a slick feel, because it doesn’t absorb ink and leaves residues on the nib tip which might clog the ink flow.
  • If travelling by plane, it is a good idea to either completely fill or empty your fountain pen of ink and carry it upright (e.g. in your jacket pocket) with the nib pointing upwards.  A cartridge can be discarded and replaced with a new one after you reach your destination. This will reduce the chances of air pressure changes causing an unsightly leak.
  • When not using your fountain pen, it is also a good idea to keep it stored vertically with the nib pointing upwards to prevent ink setting in and clogging the feed.





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Alan Ferguson, Europens vintage expert Alan Ferguson, Europens vintage expert

When my old Parker pen was a bit 'clogged up', you were only to happy to clean it although it wasn't purchased from Europens. When my Lamy had a problem, you got it fixed it is fantastic now!!!!!"

- Nicola Girling
Primary School Principal
Thank you, Jane, for your great service. Its great to have someone prepared to go in a bat for you when there is a problem with a pen. Your friendly, prompt and efficient service is greatly appreciated.
- John Gilding
Solicitor (Whangarei)